Milk Chocolate Hazelnut bar
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut bar

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut bar

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Milk chocolate barwith a minimumof 30% whole hazelnuts, exclusively from Piedmont. A classic of Piedmont's chocolate heritage by virtue of the rewarding taste experience, in which the combination of the complementary milk chocolate and hazelnut flavours is further enhanced by the use of whole rather than chopped hazelnuts. An ideal snack for everyday moments when you need to recharge your energy.The 100g bar is packaged in a freshness-saving wrapping, in turn contained inside an elegant box. The bar is also available in a version without added sugar (Chocolight) and in a dark chocolate version. The milk hazelnut chocolate recipe is also available in a small format (Prendivoglia) and in block format (with nuts). Naturally gluten-free.


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