We are from Piedmont and the art of chocolate, just like our hazelnuts and meticulous care, is part of our DNA.

We put the same spirit of passion and craft into each of our products that Silviano Venchi put into his first Nougatine in 1878.


Our chocolate is designed for moments of joy and moments of peace, celebrations, for desire, fun and love. That’s why, alongside our ingredients, we never forget to add generosity, art, unpredictability, family, friendship, exuberance, warmth, and everything that makes Italy so Italian.

Including that unapologetic curiosity that leads us to make mistakes, yet also to discover new flavours and taste combinations that continue to amaze those who always expect something original.


We love good things that make us feel good and we pursue this principle starting with the search for the best cocoa.

All of our chocolate recipes are based on the “Buono Buonissimo” rule (100% natural ingredients, less sugar, no artificial ingredients), are gluten-free and don’t contain palm oil. Not to mention, there’s an increasing number of vegan recipes.